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Vie Compliquee


Hello and welcome to my blog
I pour my heart and thoughts here
Pardon my words


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Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colourful images in people's minds by using words of black and white.
Look at the sky! I may be far but never gone.

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All my thoughts keep flowing like a river

Head up, stay strong, fake a smile and just move on.

Rasa tersisih oleh manusia? Jangan sedih. ALLAH kan ada.
Pernah tak rasa terpinggir ? tipulah aku kata aku tak pernah..
Jangan merasa jemu dengan pertemuan demi pertemuan, perkenalan demi perkenalan. Kerana semua itu akan membuahkan sesuatu yang berguna. Persahabatan..
Dalam fikiran, aku cuma takut kawan aku rasakan perasaan tu. 
Kalau awak tu hot tak kesah, semua orang nak kawan. 
Dalam hidup ni kita kena jugak jadi controller (planning something before it happen)
Bukan senang nak berkawan dengan ramai orang. 
Bukan senang juga nak jaga perasaan orang lain. 
Kadang-kadang aku confused nak tentukan mana satu kawan mana satu lawan because there're many fake friends around me..
(Fake friends are around when you're cool. True friends are around even if they think you're a fool..)
Be careful about who you trust and tell your problems to. 
Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. 
but I think that's all my fault because I am not a perfect friend. I always make mistakes anytime Therefore, I love those people who stay with me after knowing my real personality. My real personality is me not others. 
Only the best friend can see the pain behind a fake smile. 
Saya hanya inginkan persahabatan yang diredhai Allah..

For your Information : Fighting.. doesn't solve anything usually. All you need is best friend.