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Vie Compliquee
Vie Compliquee


Hello and welcome to my blog
I pour my heart and thoughts here
Pardon my words


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Writing is an underestimated art, you are painting colourful images in people's minds by using words of black and white.
Look at the sky! I may be far but never gone.

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All my thoughts keep flowing like a river

only u

"We don't need the attention of human..
Memang la best..
Ramai take care of you..
And so on..
But, sampai bila?

Jangan pernah rasa kau tidak cukup perhatian..
Both your parents love you..
Your siblings love you..
And more important thing is..
Allah loves you.
If not, kau tidak akan dapat bernafas di muka bumi."

Yesterday's just a memory, tomorrow is never what it's supposed to be.